Order process

  1. After successful and confirmed registration, you will be able to access our wholesaler site. After logging in, our prices and package deals will become visible.
  2. Select the desired products in the „Products" menu
    • specify how many packages you want to order from the desired color
      (specify amount for each color)
    • when you have the package number for each color requested for a specific product, press the „Add to Cart" button
    • in the left hand basket column, the product is inserted and the amount of the basket is updated
    • in cart you can change quantities. In this case, you will overwrite the package number for that product and click on the „Refresh Cart" button to display the new package amount and the amount of the updated cart.
  3. Once you have completed your order, click the „Submit Order” button to see the cart contents and the shipping and payment information page
  4. After entering your shipping and payment methods, click „Order Overview
  5. On the „Order Review” page, after checking the details, click „Submit Order” again
  6. After you place your order, we will notify you by automatic email, that your order has been received
  7. Additional information (expected order assembly date, expected delivery date, possible discount rate) will be communicated via email